The  X-Air  Yahoo Group

The X-Air Yahoo Group is an exciting resource of information which has been operational for more than three years, it operates like a traditional Bulletin Board except you can not only post text messages but also include images with the messages, there is an extensive picture library and links to other X-Air sites world-wide. The X-Air eGroup is run by X-Air Australia but the information can be viewed and posted from anyone whether they are a member of the group or not.

When joining the eGroup you can select one of three membership options,

  1. You can receive an email of each 'post' to the group (if there are three messages sent to the group you will receive each message as an individual email),
  2. You can receive a daily digest of the information (once a day the eGroup will send you one email with all the individual information from the days activity in it),
  3. You can also be a web only member and view the information on-line just like browsing this web site.

If you have any interest in the X-Air I would strongly recommend joining this group, just follow the link below.

Click to subscribe to X-Air Ultralight Aircraft

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