Commercial Assistance

Many people have asked us if we plan to offer ready to fly airplanes. Some have said that they don't have the time, space, ability or confidence to assemble an airplane. Others have said that they would be reluctant to fly something that they built themselves. Unfortunately, the high cost of certification and the lack of people qualified in CASA to review our aircraft in a reasonable time period prevents us from selling factory built aircraft at this stage (although we are working on it), but we think we can provide an attractive solution - the Commercial Assistance Program. 

Those who have been following the X-Air already know that ours is the fastest building airplane on the planet and it still meets the 51% rule in Australia and the US. What you may not know is that our published build times assume an inexperienced builder working in less than optimal conditions.

Experienced builders with access to factory tools and equipment could do the work much faster, living on site they could comfortably build their X-Air from start to test flying in well under two weeks. 

With a Commercial Assistance Program (following FAA & RAA guidelines) we can offer our customers - our experience and facility for a flat fee, you would, in our workshop, receive expert supervision as you assemble and fit out your airplane. Your airplane would be assembled, the avionics, electrics and engine installed, and be ready for test flying all under constant supervision. And since you would have done the work, you would be able to satisfy the RAA regulations for amateur built status. In other words, we supervise, you build, and you get the credit. 

Guaranteed Results

You would be assured that your X-Air was built to factory specifications and will therefore do everything that we said it would. Your free time would still be free! Your wife and children wouldn't need to carry your picture just to remember what you looked like. Your garage would still belong to your car, and the rest of your house would still be your home, not a workshop. 

Lastly, you would have access to the experts, someone who knows the airplane inside and out.

For more information on a Commercial Assistance Program please contact me

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