The X-Air is complimented with the addition of rear wheel spats, the spats come ready for painting and are fitted to the aircraft in under 30 minutes.

One of the fantastic options for your X-Air Aircraft are the doors, The doors can be fitted to a new or existing aircraft in about 1 hour and they really make a difference to flying in cold weather conditions. The door kit comes with all the hardware for the installation and all you require is a drill and a pop rivet gun. Extend your flying pleasure with the X-Air door kit. (PS.... you also pick up a few extra knots !!)

    Front Mud Guard
The Front Mud Guard is a definite addition to your aircraft purchase, it fits in about 10 minutes and does a really good job of keeping all the mud and grass from the underneath of your aircraft. Available ready to paint. Order on-line from our secure server by following this link or clicking the picture

    Landing Light
The X-Air's looks and safety are enhanced by the installation of this 55w Halogen landing light, while 55 watts does not sound that bright it's amazing the visibility other aircraft have when it's on especially around first and last light.

In my opinion 'a must have'. Order on-line from our secure server by clicking the picture or following this link

    Long Range Fuel Tanks

The factory are now producing a new Long Range Fuel Tank to suit the X-Air "F" aircraft, my guess is the tank holds about 45 litres and at this stage it is only available for the "F" model.  Cost around 250 Euros plus tax and delivery.

   Strobe Lights
Strobes are an important safety feature for daytime visibility, especially around busy airports. We recommend the Smart Strobe, it is easily attached to the tail for panoramic 360 degree visibility and it runs of the aircrafts power supply. Compliant to Far 103 it is visible at over 3 statute miles. Click on this link or on the picture to order from our secure on-line server

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